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Can-AID strives to make basic education accessible to all children.  We partner with not-for-profit organizations that are working in different communities to enrich elementary education for children.

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Through a fundraising drive we provided funds to the 17000 ft foundation to provide the educational tools required for teaching >100 children in remote regions of Ladakh, India. 

Keerthana's Story

Keerthana's school in Chennai

Charan's Story

Keerthana is currently in her final year of undergraduate studies at Stella Maris College, a post-secondary college in Chennai, India. Keerthana's father, Rangarajan is a chauffeur who earns a modest income. He had saved for Keerthana's education over the years and was able to send her to university. He was hopeful that Keerthana would work in the financial sector after graduatign and would one day have a better living than himself. He somehow managed to support her education in 2021 with the money he had saved up. Earlier this year, Rangarajan reached out to Can-Aid through one of our contacts on the ground. Keerthana's college fee was CDN $500 per term, he had no way of mustering that amount. He was in tears as he described that Keerthana would need to pause her education. Once again, after confirming the situation, we contacted potential donors in our network. We e-transferred the money to Stella Maris College in two instalments, so Keerthana could complete her final year. Thanks to our generous donors, Keerthana will graduate with a commerce degree next spring and is looking to working in a bank.

In most cities, publication education is of poor quality and students are unable to pursue higher education or professional careers. Therefore, many poor families aspire to send their children to private schools with the hope to better their future living. Charan Santosh is one such child that aspires one day to be a Computer Engineer. He is studying in Grade 8 in Velankanni Senior Secondary School at Chennai, India. his father Thilak is a temple priest and his mother is a homemaker. The family lives hand to mouth most months. Charan has an older brother Niranjan, who is studying in Grade 12. Charan and Niranjan's annual fees for the year 2021-2022 was $1000 per child and had to be paid in two terms through the year. His first term fees and book costs were sponsored by a well-wisher of the family. However, in the second term, his parents managed to gather enough support to pay fees for one child. They opted to help Niranjan graduate. Charan was told by the school, that he could not continue in class unless the fees were paid. Charan's need was brought to our attention by our trusted contact on the ground. After confirming the situation and urgency, we identified two donors who agreed to support Caharan's education. WE contacted the school, and directly e-transferred the money to pay the school fees. We hope Charan will one day achieve his dream of becoming a Computer Engineer.

Thanks to >50 donations  we have been able to help numerous children in their pursuit of education. We thank you all.

We have started a new project in Ottawa

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